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3D Textiles: Dome

3D Textiles: Dome

Experimental design-collaboration between woven textile designer Stine Linnemann and product designer Marina Dragomirova. Both designers are Royal College of Art graduates with their own design studios. The 3D Textiles project is our contribution to the debate about the role of textiles in interior and product design. We are working across our respective disciplines in product design and woven textiles to explore what we can create when we combine our expert skills in each area.

The material is custom designed for the construction it will become and likewise the construction is shaped by the possibilities of the material. Instead of thinking textiles as a decorative element added afterwards, it has become the very product and construction itself. The final product is a free-standing dome, woven in 2D with materials which will take their final 3D shape after the material is taken off the loom.

The project was completed in 2015 with the support of The Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen and was awarded an honorary grant from Boligfonden Kuben’s Spirekasse.